Custom Glitter Stickers

September 23, 2022

Custom Glitter Stickers

Everything's better with glitter. Make your custom stickers sparkle with our glimmering glitter material. 

When you choose to make yourself a glitter sticker, you’ll get some seriously shiny and shimmery designs. With this material, you can have an entirely glittered sticker or choose for only certain details on your sticker to be glittery. And the best part is, the material itself is glitter in appearance. It’s not individual physical glitter particles. so you won’t be leaving a trail of glitter anywhere!.

Why do we love glitter stickers? 

  • They are just simply gorgeous and fun to look at

  • There is no glittery mess, just the effects

  • You can have different color glitter stickers. So instead of just a standard rainbow glitter hue, you can make your stickers in pink glitter, green glitter, yellow, etc. Whatever CMYK color you want can be turned glittery.

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