Custom Prismatic Stickers

September 23, 2022

Custom Prismatic Stickers

Make your stickers retro

Give your stickers a shiny retro flair with our prismatic sticker material. This material is a mosaic of small holographic squares that change appearance in different angles of light. Our prismatic material also gives off a bit of a 3D effect, adding some dimension to your stickers. This material is holographic but a little more eye-catching since it's a whole bunch of small holographic squares.

Why we Love prismatic stickers?

  • They give us total 1970’s and 1980’s vibes

  • They create a bit of depth to your stickers and really make them pop

  • They come in all CMYK colors and are ultra reflective

  • Their rainbow effect is eye catching and great for tags and labels

  • They are long lasting and good for indoor or outdoor use

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