mirror sticker

August 31, 2022

Mirror stickers are totally multipurpose in addition to just being shiny and pretty. Mirror stickers could be used as bike stickers or hard hat stickers that are reflective and eye-catching to let those around you know you’re there. The metallic tone mirror stickers are a great option for creating luxury looking sign postings and labels. We especially love custom matte mirror stickers for this.

Make a sticker, but make it mirror. This ultra reflective sticker material is perfect for creating eye-catching stickers that are so shiny you can see yourself in them. You can make your entire sticker mirror, or just have certain elements of your sticker which are reflective.

The best part about mirror stickers? You can opt for a matte mirror sticker which will give them a uber metallic look. Our mirror stickers standardly come in a silver color but you can achieve metallic colors with this material like gold, copper, and bronze tones for a true metallic tone. 

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